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Hi, my name is Hannah.  I am 23 years old and am in my second year of a doctoral program in clinical psychology.

I have two main passions in life.  The first is helping people.  The second is baking.  This blog will be about using the second to get me to where I need to be to achieve the first. 

Let me state the obvious for a second: college and grad school are hard.  We sit through classes we don't like, listen to lectures that put us to sleep, and then don't sleep enough at night in order to finish papers and study for exams.  Weekends aren't used to rest, but rather to catch up with friends, party, and if you're a nerd like me, get ahead on the work for the coming week.

All this can really ware down a person's physical and mental stamina.  As a psych major, I am extra aware of what this is doing to my emotional state (aka, breaking it down entirely).

One day, as I was baking the cake below for my friend Annika's birthday, I had an epiphany.  I can use baking as a therapeutic tool.  The one thing I really like doing is baking.  When I'm upset I pick up my apron.  When I'm procrastinating, I read food blogs.  There is just something magical about opening up a cookbook, improvising a little with what you have in the cupboard, and then pulling your creation out of the oven.  And let's not forget the best part: eating it!  Even if I fail, (and I often do in my attempts to veganize things), I enjoy the process itself and chalk it up as a learning experience.

The cake that started it all
Suzie, my 1960's Sunbeam mixer (aka- my therapist)
This blog is the documentation of my baking therapy for whatever grad school throws at me.  It is a collection of my attempts to stay sane until graduation.  I hope you enjoy, and maybe even feel a little inspired yourself.

Happy reading and baking!
Love and cookies,

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