Friday, September 6, 2013

Moving Forward and Family Farewells

This past year I had the great honor of completing my first year practicum placement at the Latin American Health Institute in Brockton, MA.  One year ago, as I prepared to begin my 10 months as a clinical intern there, I expected to have a great clinical experience and training in the field.  What I did not count on was that one year later, I would be leaving a group of wonderfully compassionate staff and clinicians that became my family.  These people taught me so much about therapy, and about what "client-centered care" truly means.  LHI taught me how to be a better and more understanding person.

I made incredible professional connections and developed friendships with people from all over the globe.  All of the 5 MSPP interns that stayed in the Boston area continued on to volunteer and to work for LHI.  I spent four hours a week all summer just scanning charts into the EHR system.  Why?  Because I love those people and wanted to do anything I could to help them, and to try to begin to repay them for the amazing year I've had.

The Interns
Today I stopped by LHI to say goodbye.  Classes have started and my new practicum placement is beginning, and no longer have to time to sleep, let alone to volunteer.  Peanut and I dropped in to bring cookies and to say thank you to everyone for the incredible year.  Of course we all promised to stay in touch and visit, but it was still bittersweet.  These cookies were just what we needed to combat the bitter part and make it just plain sweet:

Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate Chunk, and Cranberry Cookies (Dairy-Free, made w/ coconut oil)
Recipe adapted from my favorite recipe 
Yield: 2 dozen large cookies

I rushed to make these the night before, and was doing homework and getting ready for work in between, so I once again did not take step by step photos.  I'm sorry.  I promise I will do it the next time.  Follow this recipe here, and then make the following changes:

1. Use 1 cup coconut oil instead of butter.
2. Use 1 1/2 tsps cinnamon instead of 2.
3. Eliminate nutmeg.
4. Use 1 cup dried cranberries instead of 1/2.
5. Use 1/2 cup roughly chopped dark chocolate (dairy free) instead of chocolate chips.
6. Don't roll balls in sugar.
7. Refrigerate cookies on parchment-lined sheets for at least 2 hours.
8. Bake at 350°F for 10 minutes.

These were awesome cookies, and I hope they conveyed the love I feel for LHI and the people that work there.

Here's to our year together.

Love and cookies,

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