Friday, March 22, 2013

Mounds of Birthdays

March is a busy month for birthdays.  I always have a lot of cakes to make, no matter where I am.  In fact, I have been so busy making cakes for people here in Boston, that I forgot my poor own dad's birthday.  (Sorry Dad!  Happy Birthday!  I love you lots!)

Every month, my internship site celebrates the birthdays for each month at the staff meeting on the third Thursday.  I was expecting this month to be filled with a ton of birthdays at LHI, since there are so many March birthdays in other parts of my life.  Much to my surprise, however, there were only two this month, and they were my fellow interns, Marisol and Tony.  Since I already made Marisol a pretty awesome cake this month, I offered to make the staff meeting cake for Tony.

LHI in Brockton has really become my family here in Boston.  I have never experienced a work culture that is so close-knit and supportive.  All the interns have become like siblings, and our supervisors are like our parents or our crazy aunts and uncles whom we love.  We do really challenging work that is often very mentally draining, but it is all made possible by all the love and laughs we share in the office.

Until a few weeks ago, I thought Tony was my age or even a year younger.  Everyone in the office treats him like our little brother.  He's always there to make us laugh, and we can always depend on him when we need something done.  He even comes to us for dating advice.  Then I found out he was turning 25 on St. Patrick's day this year.  Oops!  He can just be my bigger, older little brother.

Our receptionist, Lily, is really the glue that holds our office together, kind of like our mom.  She always buys the cake for everyone, but she is lactose-intolerant, and can never eat it.  Since I was making the cake for our family this month, I decided to make Tony's cake dairy-free, so that Lily could eat it.

I came up with the following deliciousness:

Mounds Cake: Dark Chocolate Cake w/ Coconut Filling, Topped with a Chocolate Coconut Ganache and Flaked Coconut
Cake recipe adapted from Heather's Milky Way Cake
Filling recipe adapted from Emily's Almond Joy Cake
Ganache recipe adapted from Lil & Will's Engagement Cake
Yield: 1 double-layer 8" cake

Sorry, I didn't have time to take photos.  To make the cake, see this post.

To make the filling, see this post.

To make the ganache, see this post and use the filling recipe.  (I just used 10oz of dairy-free chocolate).

Be creative with it.  You could also not whip the ganache and pour it on for a glossier, more traditional ganache.  I just really wanted it to look like frosting.

¡Feliz cumpleaños to my bigger, older, little brother, Tony!

Love and cookies,

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