Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quality vs. Quantity

Last weekend was my birthday, and I was supposed to celebrate it with a potluck-style fiesta with 20 or so friends in Boston.  Of course, I was given the epic snowpocalypse as a birthday present, and all the festivities (as well as travel, parking, and anything else associated with daily functioning) were cancelled.

I rescheduled my potluck/fiesta, and was expecting a slightly smaller crowd given it was the weekend leading into my school's winter break.  Unfortunately, WAY more people cancelled than expected, and I ended up with 5 friends and my housemates.  I got really sad when I found out that hardly anyone was coming, and drank a shot of rum.  I started thinking, "maybe Blink 182 was right, maybe no one does like you when you're 23."  I then got incredibly drunk for no reason on only one shot, ate copious amounts of chips and taco dip with my housemates, and crawled upstairs to lay on the floor and sing "why am I such a misfit?" by Kirby the elf.  It was probably one of the more pitiful moments in my life.

My boyfriend came upstairs to find me, telling me that some friends had arrived!  I, being a pathetic drunken mess, refused to get up, and Jay practically dragged me downstairs to see the friends that had travelled so far to see me.  I was graced by the presence of my ex-housemate, Resi, and her girlfriend, Heather, my classmate, Jeff, and my fellow intern, Casandra, and her boyfriend, Filipe.  We all sat around the kitchen island, drinking wine, snacking on more chips and guac, and playing Cards Against Humanity.  By that time I had sobered up considerably and was less of a mess, and was able to have a moment of clarity.  I realized that it really wasn't about the number of people that showed up to my party, but the quality.  In that moment, I felt less pathetic, and more loved.  As much as I hate this stupid city, I know that I do have people here that truly care about me.  I love you guys.

This is the fudge I made for the fiesta.  It makes an 8x8" pan, which is not a lot by chocoholic standards, but hey, we're focusing on quality here.  This stuff is like heaven on your tongue and it's super rich, so you don't need to eat a lot of it.  Or you can away, no judgment here.  Make it.  End of story.

Nutella Fudge w/ Dark Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt
Recipe taken straight from Jules Food

I followed her directions exactly, but didn't use the peanut butter.  It's super simple and only 6 ingredients for the fudge, and two ingredients for the ganache.

Jay and I went on a chocolate tour on Saturday, and I have to say, this fudge could have made it into one of those shops.

Go ahead.  Treat yourself and your high-quality friends to this fudge.  It's amazing.

Love and cookies,

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