Friday, February 8, 2013

Disaster Muffins

Every week in my clinical seminar, we each take turns bringing in breakfast for everyone.  Most people bring in muffins or bagels, but some of us like to bake.  Last week, my friend Nicole brought in her mom's amazing blueberry crumble cake, and last semester, Lucie brought in some really awesome donut hole muffins.  I have brought in apple crisp and pumpkin cinnamon chip scones.

Normally, everyone is really just happy for the free food, and it doesn't matter what it is.  However, since announcing to my class that I am taking a leave of absence from MSPP next year and going to pastry school, I feel like there is additional pressure to bring in awesome baked goods for my turn.  I looked up some cool muffins, and decided I wanted to make cinnamon roll muffins this week.

Normally, I am pretty good with muffins.  Unfortunately, I've never been very good working with dough that you have to roll out.  I can never get it the right consistency and always end up with a sticky mess or add in too much flour.  When the muffins came out of the oven at 9:00 at night, I was very concerned.  They looked weird, but it was too late to make something else, and I wouldn't have time to buy things in the morning since the supermarkets open later around here.  They would just have to do.  Of course, I couldn't taste them ahead of time, because the recipe didn't yield very many.  I just had to trust them.

BAD IDEA.  They were TERRIBLE!  Of course, I tried to make them dairy-free so I could eat them without feeling sick, and that never turns out well.  But even aside from that: I added too much flour to the very sticky dough, so they were hard and dry.  And then, one of my very well-meaning housemates put the lid on the tin that I had left open so they would finish cooling, and they ended up being wet and gross.  And they didn't even have a very good flavor.  It was just an all-around disaster, and I  was embarrassed to bring them in.  They were so awful, I'm not even going to post the recipe.  However, I like the idea of these muffins, and I'm going to try to redeem myself and make them again.  This isn't over, cinnamon roll muffins.  We will meet again.

No love and cookies,

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