Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Surviving the Snowpocalypse

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post.  Post-Fall Break school work really came to bite me, and as soon as I thought things were getting easier, the Snowpocalypse came.  The senior houses at Wes, along with most of the state of Connecticut, have been without heat or power since Saturday night.  Good news: I have gotten a substantial amount of school work done, submitted my last grad school application, and central campus finally has electricity and hot food.
Bad news: My house is FREEZING, I've been eating nothing but cereal and yogurt for 4 days, and it's so cold that it's hard to concentrate on my school work.

Before we lost power for forever, I did do some substantial baking.  Unfortunately, I have limited time with heat and internet, so I am not going to write in-depth steps to all the recipes.  I will, however, give you the links to the recipes I used.  I promise that as soon as I get an oven again I will do more baking and blog it.  For now, bear with me, as I am bearing with the unbearable cold.

Apple & Honey Gallette
Made at the very end of Fall Break for my brother's birthday.
Recipe taken from here.  I added Chai, and instead of apricot preserves, I used honey and cinnamon.

Pumpkin Cupcakes
Made with the clients at CT River Valley Services
Recipe copied from here.

Halloween Smorgasbord
Sugar cookies, Reeses Pieces Brownies, and Sweet & Spicy Halloween Chex Mix
Made with my wonderful housemates for our Halloween party before the storm hit.

If you'd like to see some pictures of the Snowpocalypse, see my post for the Wesleyan Admissions Blog.

I hope everyone is safe and warm where they are.
Love and cookies,

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