Monday, July 11, 2011

Light-Heartedness and Lemon Cookies

Lemon & Thyme Cookies with a Lemon Glaze and Fresh Thyme
This week has been pleasantly sunnier, and so has my attitude.  I've spent some time with old and new friends, and have had some time to study, Zumba, and run.  I certainly needed this mood-building period, considering the impending busy weekend and week that was to follow. 

Saturday was the Canajoharie Garden Tour, and we couldn't have had a more beautiful day for it.  Our yard was one of the twelve on the tour, so we've spent the last few weeks preparing for it by pulling weeds, planting, buying new lawn furniture, weed wacking, etc.  The day before the tour, I ran around buying flowers and moving furniture with my friend, Creighton.  I had also agreed to make cookies to go with the lemonade and iced tea we were going to serve.  Unfortunately, this was more of a project than I'd hoped.

Since it was a garden party, I decided to make a garden-themed cookie, and the first thing that popped into my head was a lemon and thyme recipe.  It took me weeks to find the perfect one, but unfortunately that was the easiest part.  I went to Price Chopper to get all the ingredients we don't normally have in the house, and then sat home to wait for my baking assistant, (Creighton once again), to get there.  After waiting half an hour, I found out that he'd be running late, so I decided to start without him. 

The first one I reached for was the granulated sugar, but the jar was empty, so I looked in the cupboard where we always have extra bags.  Nope, we were out of sugar.  Having forgot cups anyway, I stomped off to the dollar store.  My mom gave me instructions to check out these "really pretty lemon cookies with powdered sugar" that she thought I should buy instead of making my cookies.  She always assumes that baking places some great burden on me and that it's not worth the effort if you can buy a perfectly acceptable substitute.  I was pretty insistent on making my own, but I had to appease Amonk or I'd never hear the end of it, so I picked up a box of the cookies.  Well, when I got home, we pulled the bag out of the box.  Whatever was in there definitely was not what the picture showed on the box, or even resembled any cookie I'd ever seen for that matter.  Instead of big, round, white snowballs, we found these small, disk-like, green and brown alien chips:

Well, that settled that dispute in a hurry.  I was making my cookies.  Or so I thought.  Now that I had the sugar I went back to baking, only to discover that we also had no flour in the house.  At that point, I was so annoyed and frustrated that I plopped onto the couch in defeat.  Luckily, my baking assistant came to the rescue and bought a bag of flour on his way over.  Five hours after my first attempt to make them, we had 44 cookies cooling on the table.  Of course, when I went to glaze them, we ran out of powdered sugar halfway through, and ended up having to thin it out a ton in order to cover all the cookies!  When we finally finished everything, my mom came home, looked at the table and asked in her special guilt-tripping tone, "is that all you're making?"  At that point, it was 10pm, so yes Mom, that was all I was making. 

The day ended up going extremely well.  We had gorgeous weather, almost exactly enough cookies, and met some really wonderful people from all over the area.  We were able to end our perfect day with dinner at Beardslee Castle with my sister and her boyfriend before her big race the next day.  It really couldn't have been a better weekend.

As far as the cookies go, I used this recipe almost exactly as written, except I doubled it.  Because the style of the blog is exactly the same as mine with the step-by-step photos, I didn't bother with them.  You can just follow it from straight from Manuela's page.  Mine ended up not looking a thing like the picture, and I'm not really sure where I went wrong, but everyone LOVED them so I didn't complain.  My mom even says she has a new favorite cookie.  Maybe it will be yours too.  Enjoy the sunshine.

Love and cookies,

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