Monday, May 16, 2011

Slight Oversight Giant Cupcakes

I survived another year!  Barely.  Spring semester of my junior year at Wes has officially come to a close, and now I finally have time to breathe at home, for about one day before I start babysitting my 3 1/2 yr-old demon adorable cousin for the rest of the summer.

It was a rough end, having to write 30 pages, 15 of which in Spanish, and an oral exam in Spanish, in a week's time.  I didn't really have time for baking, and I was running out of meal points to buy ingredients, but of course one of my very dear friends just HAD to have a birthday during reading period.  (Just kidding, Rebecca, I love you!)  Rebecca's birthday fell on a Sunday, the Sunday after the Tour de Franzia, to be exact.  I really didn't want to participate in the tour, because I'm not at all into crazy drinking culture or wildly and rambunctiously running amok, but I at least wanted to take a peek at the chaos.

Stacy and I were having a paper-writing party, and got so caught up in being productive that we didn't realize it was already 10pm, and Tour de Franzia started at 11:11.  I very quickly found a super simple vegan chocolate cake recipe and we threw it together.  (I had to make it vegan because I had very limited ingredients).  We poured the batter into mini bundt pans, ran to CVS and back, took out the cakes, and ran up to the center of campus to see the madness.  We were so overwhelmed by the drunken, screaming, craziness that we decided to get some delicious gourmet grilled cheese from The Whey Station, an awesome new truck that parks on campus at night, instead of sticking around to watch everyone deface the campus.
After consuming our cheesy indulgences, we went back to my apartment, whipped up some awesome Bailey's vanilla buttercream, and began frosting (at midnight).  About halfway through frosting, I had this conversation with myself in my head: "This looks delicious.  Who wouldn't love this cupcake?  Oh yeah, Nik, he hates chocolate.  What a weird kid.  Wait, I know someone else who hates chocolate.  Who is it?  Think, think, think.  Oh yeah!  Rebecca!  Wait... Damnit!"  I just made the girl who hates chocolate giant chocolate cupcakes for her birthday.  That's kind of a major problem.  Stacy and I finished frosting anyway, and I decided I'd just wake up early and whip up another batch of vanilla ones in the morning. 
Giant Vegan Chocolate Cupcake w/ Vanilla Bailey's Buttercream & Glitter Sprinkles
In the morning, I woke up at 8am, went for a run, threw in a load of laundry, and made a batch of vanilla cupcakes.  I used this recipe for a base, but didn't have lemon juice, so I subbed the 2 Tbs of lemon juice for 2 Tbs of vinegar, and it turned out great.  It was even more moist than the chocolate one because of the extra half a cup of oil.  I topped the cupcakes with the leftover Bailey's vanilla buttercream and some glitter sprinkles, and called it a morning.  I had papers to write.
Very Vanilla Vegan Giant Cupcake w/ Bailey's Vanilla Buttercream & Glitter Sprinkles
I found out that it was the first time any of Rebecca's friends had ever made her a birthday cake, and I was honored, seeing as she has been going to college on and off for 6 years.  My philosophy is that everyone deserves a cake on their birthday, and I'm glad I got to change that for Rebecca.  She's an extremely wonderful and sweet person, and a very new close friend of mine.  Even though she is graduating this week and I've only known her for a month, I am so grateful we got the chance to know one another.  Happy Birthday, and Happy Graduation, Rebecca!

Love and cookies,

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