Thursday, May 26, 2011

I-Hate-Cancer Cookies

You might need to excuse my posts for the next few weeks.  For anyone that doesn't know, I am spending my summer at home, taking care of my grandparents that are both dying of cancer.  I spend about 15 hours a day at their farm in the middle of nowhere.  I get to their house at about 7am, and don't really stop moving (except for the rare occasional 30 minute nap here or there), until 9:30pm after they've gone to bed and I've cleaned up the house.  When I come home, I go straight to bed.  I don't really spend a lot of any time on the computer, so I apologize if I've been neglecting any of you or haven't been creating as detailed of posts as I normally do.  I don't really have the time or energy to bake a lot these days, but you can't keep an addict away from the oven, so you can expect to see a few things pop up here and there.

When my younger sister, Rochelle, came home for a few days last weekend, she joined me in running things around my grandparents' house.  My grandmother's sister and her husband drove up from Virginia for the weekend to visit, and we've had many other visitors stop in to see her as well, so Rochelle and I decided we should bake something to have to offer everyone.  We rummaged through the cupboards, trying to figure out what we had to work with.  Luckily, we had all the necessary ingredients for my grandfather's favorite dessert of all time: chocolate chip cookies.  We whipped up a batch from the Betty Crocker Cookbook, and then when we ran out of chocolate chips, we made a batch of giant peanut butter cookies as well. 

Cookie Overload
My family really takes after my grandfather, and the two dozen chocolate chip cookies were gone the same day we made them.  That meant that Rochelle and I had to step up to the plate and work on the peanut butter ones.  But don't worry, the overwhelming stress of our family's circumstances helped to facilitate their consumption.

So you may not be hearing much from me for a while, but please bear with me, and keep my grandparents in your thoughts.

With love and cookies,

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  1. They look amazing ! I'm sure they helped everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed.
    Un abrazo muy furte guapa!