Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Return from a Health Hiatus

So, as you've probably noticed, I haven't exactly been posting anything for the last month or so.  I've been incredibly busy with school, and took the executive decision to put my baking habits on hold, to eliminate more stress.  I know, I know, wasn't the point of this blog to be about using baking to cope with school?  Yes.  You're right.  But you're also wrong.  Because this is my psychological experiment, and I am using it in the way that I think will make me the sanest/happiest.  If I think that baking will take too much time away from homework, or if I don't trust myself not to eat an entire bowl of cookie dough, then I'm going to take a break.

I didn't go completely off course, though.  I did bake a few things.  I made some more napolitanas de chocolate (chocolate-filled croissants) when my friends from Vassar came to visit for a Madrid reunion.
Napolitanas de Chocolate (still not like the Mallorquina's... but we're getting close)
I also made some chocolate chip cookies here and there for meetings and bake sales such.  I also made some chocolate and coconut topped cake balls for a presentation for my Spanish poetry class.  Last night I had a dinner with some of my friends, and we made raspberry chocolate chip cookies.  Yum.
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies for a Relay For Life bake sale
Raspberry Chocolate Chip cookies (pre-baking)
And then last night, as tired as I was, I finally got to go back to cake baking.  Luckily there aren't too many birthdays in April among my friends, so I was able to stick to my no-extensive-baking rule.  But today is my roommate Sarah's 21st birthday!  So I had a reason, and now that classes are ending today, I finally had the time, to bake a cake again.

Given my dwindling meal point balance, I decided to use what I had on hand and bake a simple, fudgey chocolate cake.  I made a basic Hershey's Black Magic cake, filled it with fresh raspberry preserves, and then topped it with a Nutella buttercream and semi-sweet chocolate shavings.  That's a pretty happy birthday right there, if I do say so myself...

My mental health was a little shaky this past month, and I don't know how well three 10-15 page papers (2 of which are in Spanish) and an oral exam (also in Spanish) will help, but I'm staying positive.  I might do some more baking in between now and when I leave campus next Wednesday.  If I do, I'm sure you'll read about it.  If not, I'll see you all after finals.

Love and cookies,


  1. Amazing chocolate cake! i want some!!!! all my warmest hugs dear! i wish you the best on earth :*

  2. I like how your "month off" still includes four different baking expeditions!

  3. what recipe did you use for your napolitanas de chocolate? we just returned from europe and fell in love with them and I am desperate to make them at home. thanks!

  4. The napolitanas de chocolate are actually the easiest things to make. You could go through the whole process of making your own crescent dough, or you can be lazy and efficient, like me. You can buy crescent roll dough in a tube from the grocery store.
    -When you unroll the dough, it will be pre-cut into triangles.
    -Press the seams of two triangles together to form a rectangle.
    -Then place a small amount of the chocolate of your choice (either a few semi-sweet chocolate chips or some chopped-up baking chocolate) at one end of the rectangle, and then roll. Bake according to the crescent roll directions.
    -When you take them out, you can either drizzle them in chocolate, or dust them with some granulated sugar.

    If this isn't completely clear, let me know and I'll actually make them again and post step-by-step photos.

    Napolitanas de chocolate were probably my favorite thing that I ate in Spain. Best of luck re-creating them at home!